Monday, February 11, 2008

How to study CISSP

CISSP Has many domains (10), but it has not much deepening at every domain,"inch deep and a mile wide"

so, is more important to know all domains than getting deeper in few domains.
In all certifications, the most important is to get testing exams, and secondary to study.
You must take notes about every domain, and don't loose much time with the domains where you work every day.
I don't recommend to read only a book, especially if it is not updated.

The exam:
* 250 questions 4 choices and only 1 correct
* 6h I'm slow with exams, and I did it in 5h20'
* 225 scored and 25 questions for research purpose.
* You have to score 700 points.

The trick is to learn concepts like word/phrase -> meaning then it will be easier, for example:
(ISC)2 -> International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

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